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Metabolife Ultra from twinlab

Metabolife Ultra from twinlab

A couple weeks ago I wrote a post about how I was going to be trying out Metablolife Ultra.  I wanted to update you all on my experience so far. 

metabolife ultra

The instructions on the bottle is to take one tablet 30 minutes before each meal.  The first day I took one 30 minutes before the protein shake I was drinking for breakfast. 

I noticed a increased amount of energy soon after that.  I also wasn’t…

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Having a Blast with Image 3D – Giveaway

Did you have a favorite toy as a child?  I had a few myself and it would really be hard to just narrow it down to one specific thing.  If I had my dolls (especially Barbie dolls)  I was really a very happy kid.  We all have someone in our family or surroundings that seem to have a bit more then what we had or it seemed like it at the time.  It was no different in my family.  This one “member” had just about everything that advertised on tv.  It made some fun playing when I would go to visit.  One thing I remember them having was something called a view master.  …

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Tarzan & his Neater Feeder

Tarzan & his Neater Feeder


My name is Tarzan and I am a 7 month old Rottweiller.  My Mommy got the neatest thing in the mail the other day and I just had to tell you about it!  (along with Mommy’s help of course). 

When I eat I am not always the tidiest.  My head goes first in the bowl and then my big tongue comes out. Next thing you know WALAH!  food everywhere!  I don’t mind this at all, sometimes I clean up the floor…

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Shoplet & Pentel

As a Shoplet Blogger I have been able to tell you about all kinds of things that make my life easier.  Easier when it comes to things like Office Supplies, Promotional Shirts, Promotional products and office stationary.

Today is no different.  I was recently sent several pens from Shoplet.  They are from a brand called Pentel.  Have you heard of them before?  I was sent twist erase pencil and off…

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2 of my favorite things start with SH…..

2 of my favorite things start with SH…..


one of my favorite review items came in at one of the darkest times of my life.  With this shipment it brought a lot of bright cheerful colors to such dark days. 

The shipment was from Shoplet.  They never fail to send me such great items.  As I have told you before Shoplet has items such as office supplies, promotional products and promotional shirts

This time I was sent…

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5 sites that will make your furbabies love you even more!

5 sites that will make your furbabies love you even more!

Do you love your pets as much as I do?   As you all may know by now I love all animals.  Well I will admit I am not much into reptiles, but then they are okay as long as they are not in my space.  Here is some deals and sites that will make shopping for the pets that own you, much much easier! 

1-800-PetMeds  Find all the medicine to make your furry friends stay their healthiest, at prices that…

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